this site will serve as a place for me to post up my past work and current projects. including all the design and art direction i have done as well as any personal projects.

i am a creative that has worked in the design and advertising industry since 1999. i have worked as both a designer and an art director throughout my career. i enjoy tying my interests in life into my work. i feel that you need to have fun with what you do, and constantly apply your life experiences to your work. i have worked at some of the largest firms, and some of the small niche houses that specialize their talent. i have ran teams of designers as a director, worked as a designer in a team of art directors and copywriters, and ran alone on start up companies with friends. i have never felt that the title is important. the team dynamic is what is champion to me. ideas can come from anywhere, and i never disregard an idea from a surprising source.

feel free to visit my linkedin account to view more about me.